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Simon Kerrigan


Simon is a Physiotherapist and the Founder of Guide Healthcare – awarded the 5th most innovative company in the health industry by the Australian Financial Review in 2021. Guide Healthcare provides quality and evidence-focused allied health services to the aged care, home care, and the disability sector. Simon has a particular passion for improving the lives of the elderly through advocacy, challenging societal views of ageing and finding creative solutions to systematic problems. Simon was recognised for his leadership in 2020, being awarded Aged Services Young Leader of the Year by Leading Aged Services Australia. Simon enjoys exploring the concepts of age-related disability, facilitating healthy-ageing programs, empowering older people, and challenging ageism. Outside of his work in the aged care sector, Simon is interested in corporate leadership, change management, building stronger teams, cultural change, employee experience and facilitating innovation within businesses.


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Advancing Falls Prevention Strategies