ABC Approach to Behaviour Management



There are countless ways to handle challenging behaviours, however, approaching the situation methodically with an assessment tool like the ABC approach examines the behaviour from a person-centred perspective. The aim of this type of approach is to help us understand the etiology of the behaviour and develop a suitable, consistent response for ongoing support.

ABC Approach to Behaviour Management:

  • A: Antecedents / Activating Event – What led to or caused the behaviour?
  • B: Behaviour – What is the behaviour?
  • C: Consequences – What is the result of the behaviour?
  • D: Decide and Debrief - What will be done differently to disrupt the behaviour?

Watch the video for a case study of the ABC Approach in use!

For more information, read: Behaviour Management and BPSD.

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First Published05 August 2020
Updated04 August 2020
29 June 2025
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