qSOFA Score (Quick Sepsis-Related Organ Failure Assessment)



The qSOFA score (quick SOFA) is a tool that can be used at a patient’s bedside to quickly identify individuals who may be at risk of dying from sepsis. This scoring system is designed for rapid assessment and does not require laboratory tests, making it particularly useful in urgent and resource-limited settings.

To meet the criteria for sepsis, only 2 of the following 3 new signs and symptoms are required (pre-existing conditions do not count):

  • Altered Mental Status: A drop in the Glasgow Coma Scale score of greater than or equal to 1 point.
  • Increased Respiratory Rate: Greater than 22 breaths per minute.
  • Low Blood Pressure: Systolic blood pressure (SBP) less than 100 mmHg.

The presence of 2 or more qSOFA points near the onset of infection is associated with a greater risk of death or a prolonged stay in the intensive care unit (ICU). This makes the qSOFA score a valuable early warning tool for healthcare providers to identify patients who may need more intensive monitoring or immediate intervention. Early identification and treatment of sepsis are crucial for improving patient outcomes, and the qSOFA score provides a quick, efficient way to flag high-risk patients that may be at risk.

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First Published06 December 2019
Updated05 December 2019
30 January 2026
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