Aged Care Reforms: Preparing for 2024

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Following the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, vast changes to the aged care system in Australia are occurring. Legislation passed to implement priority reforms has seen many of the recommendations actioned already. In this session, join Loren De Vries, Senior Practitioner – Behaviour Support at the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, as she discusses these changes and what they mean for you.


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Loren is the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Senior Practitioner, Behaviour Support and commenced with the Commission in May 2023. Loren is a Nurse Practitioner (Older Person) and brings with her years of experience and clinical expertise in supporting the older person particularly people living with dementia and individuals experiencing changed behaviours. Loren brings specialist knowledge and skills in the clinical care of older people which comes from a combination of formal education, research and clinical experience. Loren has spent her career working in aged care in both acute and residential care in a variety of roles across a range of settings including rural health. Loren has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate students in Dementia care and has also completed research in the area of Environmental Design and Physical Activity. Loren is passionate about the care of the Older Person and is seen as a clinical leader.
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First Published25 January 2024
Updated25 January 2024
25 January 2026
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