Tech It to the Next Level: Leveraging Incentives to Increase Online Learning

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This session with Ausmed's Chief Customer Officer Michelle Wicky explores the dynamics of incentives in human behaviour, specifically in the realms of online learning and aged care. Discover how incentives can be harnessed to expand learning reach and maximise engagement, providing valuable insights on leveraging incentives for increased educational impact.


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Michelle Wicky is the Chief Customer Officer at Ausmed Education. In this role, she oversees the support of the entire enterprise customer base. Prior to this, Michelle had a long tenure as General Manager, Learning and Development at St Basil’s Aged Care Homes NSW/ACT. Her formative years were spent in the nursing sector with a focus on clinical education before moving into workforce capability and development. Michelle has held senior roles in workforce capability including upskilling clinical staff in both the for profit and for purpose sectors. She has a variety of skills in leadership development, strategic planning, capability building, education, facilitation and project management. During her career Michelle has project managed the design, development and successful implementation of a capability framework project that scoped a 5000+ person workforce providing training need insights for strategic planning. She was also instrumental in the redesign of a national skills-based training program to meet the needs of a large and diverse clinical cohort. Michelle is an experienced educator, presenter and facilitator with a knack for meeting both the needs and desires of her audience.
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First Published04 February 2024
Updated04 February 2024
04 February 2026
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