Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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Human resources and workplace health and safety consultant, Janis Veldwyk, presents seven habits displayed by highly effective people - a concept first examined by Stephen R Covey in his 1989 book - Seven Habits remains a bestseller to this day. Using these seven habits as a foundation, Janis adapts them for nurse managers and healthcare practice, with several practical examples you can apply in your own workplace.


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Janis Veldwyk holds a master of human resource management, a diploma in occupational health and safety, and a certificate IV in training, assessment and education. She has provided training to staff in the various organisations for which she has worked. Janis conducts training on a range of issues related to human resource management, including performing audits effectively, workplace conflict management, HSR training for WorkSafe, managing WorkSafe claims and time management. Janis is also a consultant for the WorkSafe OHS Essentials Program.
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First Published10 February 2022
Updated10 February 2022
27 February 2025
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