Obese Patients in Crisis

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Airway management of an emergency or prehospital patient who is obese can present additional challenges to regular routine interventions and may require alternative approaches to what you are used to. In this session paramedic lecturer, Jeff Kenneally takes you through some of the key differences in managing a patient who is obese and in crisis.


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Jeff Kenneally has a lifelong commitment to pre-hospital care, having served as an operational paramedic for 34 years, mostly in intensive care roles. He has managed frontline paramedic teams, commanded major events, mentored, educated and worked in communications dispatch centres and at the ambulance air wing. His roles have taken him to rural and metropolitan areas. For four years, Jeff managed the Ambulance Victoria clinical practice guidelines. In recent years, Jeff has turned to university lecturing for paramedic students, including leading international study tours. He is a published author in pre-hospital practice and contributor to numerous major textbooks. In 2018, Jeff was awarded the Ambulance Service Medal in recognition of his contribution.
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First Published25 July 2021
Updated25 July 2021
25 July 2024
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