What is Lipoedema?

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Lipoedema is a painful symmetrical fat distribution and connective tissue disease that affects the extremities, leading to a noticeable disproportion to the trunk. In this lecture, Kristin Osborn provides an overview of this condition, including its history, symptoms and comorbidities.


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Kristin Osborn is the owner and clinician at the Newcastle Lymphoedema and Lipoedema Clinic, boasting an impressive 19 years of experience in the field of lymphology. Her expertise spans lipoedema, lymphoedema, pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery care. Additionally, she is renowned for conducting complex assessments, specialised treatments and educational programs for both patients and healthcare practitioners. Kristin created the groundbreaking 'Lipoedema Surgery' Course for doctors and surgeons who aren’t aware of lipoedema, and this course is a world-first for the global medical community. She also represented Australia for Patients and Therapists at the Inaugural Lipedema World Congress in Germany, where she delivered a speech on her course, 'The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Surgery', for patients seeking the best surgical outcomes. Kristin is a nutritionist and an internationally published author with her book 'The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet'. Following this, Kristin's innovation shines through with her professional development of NewLymLotion™ and NewLymWash™, specifically tailored for the needs of lipoedema, lymphoedema, and pre and post-surgical patients. Serving as the Australasian and European distributor of Reid Sleeve Compression Garments, Kristin ensures access to exclusive resources for patients across the globe. Kristin has also embarked on a mission to raise awareness through her 'Hippy Lippy Lady' lipoedema awareness items, offering tangible support and advocacy.
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First Published19 May 2024
Updated19 May 2024
19 May 2027
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