The Importance of Cultural Safety in Home Care

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The clients in your care will come from vastly different backgrounds and have varied life experiences. Having knowledge of and respecting an individual’s cultural background is crucial to being able to provide person-centred care.

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The term culture refers to values, customs, languages, social structures, beliefs, patterns of human activity, and experiences shared with others - the symbolic structures that provide meaning and significance to human behaviour. Cultural safety involves being mindful of the similarities and differences between cultures, and using this knowledge to inform your communication with members of different cultural groups.


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Tracy Levett-Jones
Professor Tracy Levett-Jones is the Director of the Research Centre for Health Professional Education at the University of Newcastle. Her research interests include: belongingness, clinical reasoning, empathy, interprofessional education, cultural competence, simulation and patient safety. Tracy has authored ten books, the most recent being 'Clinical Reasoning: Learning to think like a nurse' and Critical Conversations for Patient Safety'; as well as over 200 book chapters, reports and peer reviewed journal articles. Tracy has been the recipient of multiple teaching and learning awards and has been awarded over two million dollars in grant funding.
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Sarah Vogel
Sarah Vogel specialises in producing well researched articles in the field of health and medicine. She has a BHlthSci (MRT), having studied and worked as a Radiation Therapist, as well as being trained as a telephone counsellor. She has written for a variety of online websites and blogs, but particularly enjoys focusing on health education and psychosocial issues.
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Bryce Noble
18 May 2023
Community Care Worker
This was a pretty thorough look into cultural background and how they influence people, and how to be culturally sensitive when interacting with clients.
Veronica John
24 Sep 2022
Great read
Leanne Beinke
06 Jun 2023
Other Profession
The source gave a good insight to the various differences various cultures have and how different cultures value many things of which the average person is unaware.
Leanne Packham
01 Jul 2021
Gained a good understanding of cultural diversity where a consumer is involved. I learnt different things/ideas to consider.
Jodie Fraser
30 Jul 2023
Other Profession
Trichelle Mackay
05 Aug 2022
Great information
30 Jul 2022
Community Care Worker
Very good up to date reading content relevant to care workers, as we all work with culturally diverse backgrounds in this industry.
Mary Fletcher
08 Apr 2022
Important Aboriginal health care needs
Kirandeep Kaur
02 Aug 2022
It gives me good knowledge
Ana Alcantara
28 Nov 2022
Community Care Worker
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