Healthcare Complaints and Investigations

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Lecture Overview

This session looks at the role of the health complaints commissioner in resolving complaints made by the public in support of safe and ethical healthcare. Gain an insight into the framework for complaints and the type of complaints that reflect missed care by all health professionals. (The session focuses on Victorian legislation.)


Portrait of Karen Cusack
Karen Cusack

Karen Cusack was appointed Victoria’s inaugural health complaints commissioner in February 2017, to oversee the introduction of the Health Complaints Act 2016, which provides a process for complaints resolution about health services as well as processes for the investigation into health service providers who pose a risk to Victorians. Prior to heading up the office of the health complaints commissioner, Karen was corporate counsel of the Royal Women’s Hospital and has over 20 years’ experience as a senior lawyer. She has undertaken various postgraduate studies, including a Master of Laws from Monash University. Karen has held a number of board and statutory appointments and she is currently a member of the Disability Services Board and a board director of the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service. In 2017, Karen was appointed by the minister for health to an Expert Working Group advising on legislative reforms from "Targeting Zero: review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria". Karen is passionate about the role she plays within the Victorian health sector. See Educator Profile

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First Published27 February 2019
Updated27 February 2019
07 November 2021
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