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We invite all providers to sign-on to the Ausmed Passport™ program. This page contains the information you need to consider before making a decision.

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'We support novel and innovative solutions like this to lift standards, attract and retain qualified workers, and support better care.'

- Merlin Kong, Former Director, Centre for Workforce Development and Innovation, LASA

Executive summary

The Ausmed Passport™ is a digital certificate for people working in aged care. A staff member can carry it with them from one employer to the next to evidence that they have completed mandatory training relevant to and recognised by the sector.

It's 100% free to both individuals and employers. Why? Because innovations like this need to happen and in this tight fiscal environment, we don't want cost-management to get in the way of driving the change we all want to see.

Ausmed will be using it's own market power to drive the distribution and uptake of the Ausmed Passport™. This includes promoting the offering to 280K users and 300+ organisations who use Ausmed, and the 17,544 employers they work for.

This page is for aged care executives, boards and other key personnel considering registering their organisation for Ausmed Passport™.

Download the Ausmed Passport™ Board Paper

To help your organisation discuss the pros and cons of the Ausmed Passport™ tell us about yourself and we'll email you a Board Paper outlining the key benefits and risks.

Ausmed Passport™ is easy!

We've kept it simple so it works for everyone!



Complete the eight aged care training modules and earn your certificate



Share your certificate with your employer, in a CV and on LinkedIn



Providers can easily verify your certificate to recognise your training

Why should Providers adopt the Ausmed Passport™?

The Australian aged care sector is facing a period of unprecedented funding and workforce challenges. The Ausmed Passport™ is designed to help alleviate pressure on both of these fronts.

Ausmed Passport™ helps providers get their new-starters on the floor sooner with confidence.

Providers who recognise the Ausmed Passport™ can reduce upfront employment costs (an estimated $128 for each new-starter) by recognising their prior completion of mandatory training.

Ausmed Passport™ helps providers get their new-starters on to the floor sooner, and with greater clarity on the quality of training being provided.

Providers can fast-track their induction process (up to two weeks faster on average) by recognising the Ausmed Passport™.

Your Organisation

Size of your workforce?

Your Organisation's Metrics

Monthly staff turnover rate

How many minutes does your basic mandatory training take to complete?

What is the average hourly rate for new-starters?

Estimate the percentage of staff who apply with the Ausmed Passport™

At what rate is the percentage of staff who apply with the Ausmed industry passport increasing each month?

Do you have to cover each person on the floor whilst they are undertaking this learning?

Your Revenue Impact

By recognising prior learning from the Ausmed Passport...

For each employee who uses the Ausmed Industry Passport, your organisation will save:


In your first month, you will save:


After 12 months, you will have saved:


After 3 years, you will have saved a total of:


Providers can use Ausmed Passport™ in many useful ways, but these are our favourite three



Providers can use Ausmed Passport™ to fast-track new-starter's through the induction process. Simply ask applicants to provide their verifiable certificate with their CV. Store a copy of this in your HRIS or LMS for audit.


Annual Mandatory Training

In addition to induction training, providers can use Ausmed Passport™ for eight annual mandatory training requirements.


Agency, Catering, Physiotherapy and Other Suppliers

A hidden but extremely valuable benefit of Ausmed Passport™ is the ability to align your external service providers' training (including physiotherapy, agency, catering and more) with your internal training.

Showcase your organisation as an employer of choice to the 280k+ people using the Ausmed platform.

When your organisation approves the Ausmed Passport™ initiative, you will also receive:
1. A dedicated provider profile on the Ausmed website, highlighting your organisation as an employer who recognises Ausmed Passport™
2. A link to your organisation's job board on your featured profile
3. An approved provider badge to include on your job-board and advertisements.

Click here to see a list of the providers who already recognise passport.

We recognise the

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What is involved in the application process?



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An Ausmed team member will work with you to help implement Passport in your HRIS or LMS.



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