Nurses working in any area are likely to care for people who have or at risk of developing a blood clot. While prevention is paramount, are you confident that you would be able to recognise and respond to a patient who developed a clot? Attend this two day conference to refresh your knowledge on causes and clinical management of specific types of clots. Includes:

  • How do you know your patient has a clot?
  • ‘The Clotting Cascade’ - understanding coagulation
  • ‘Stop the Clot’ - Update on anticoagulant agents and other medicines for VTE prophylaxis
  • What’s the connection between hormones and clotting?
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) - a complex conundrum?
  • Stopping clots and other complications associated with CVADs
  • The correct use of compression socks and stockings and much, much more

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The Clotting Conference



The Clotting Conference
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