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Would Your CPD Pass an Audit?

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The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) has begun auditing nurses and midwives for compliance with the CPD standard.1 If you are audited, simply providing a list of activities or certificates as your evidence is unlikely to be accepted. There are four key things you must do for effective CPD documentation. Ausmed's CPD Organiser can assist you with all of them.

Nurses - Plan your education

1. Start with a Learning Plan

This will give you direction throughout the year

If you're audited, you may be expected to provide evidence that you have 'identified and prioritised your learning needs'2 before you engaged in education. The CPD Organiser will show you a number of ways to assess your practice and help you develop your Learning Plan.

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2. Set Your Learning Objectives

What do you actually need to learn?

Once you've written your Learning Plan, you will need to define specific learning objectives relating to the previously identified 'gaps in your practice'. The CPD Organiser will assist you to write measurable, timely and achievable learning objectives and help you track your progress along the way.

Document your CPD correctly

3. Document Your Education

So easy, you might find it fun

The CPD Organiser contains a simple way to record any type of CPD activity (inservice, online learning, etc.). Not learning with Ausmed? That’s fine, although we’d love to help you out. You can actually document education from any provider, not just Ausmed. The CPD organiser will also ask you to evaluate your learning; this will help you understand whether you're achieving your learning goals.

Free CPD progress reporting for audits

4. Quick Reporting

Just in case you're audited...

Being audited can be a horrible, time consuming process. However, if you document your CPD using the free CPD organiser, generating your 'audit report' is simple. A quick push of a button will generate a fully indexed PDF document outlining everything you've recorded over the past registration period.

Ausmed's CPD Organiser is a fantastic free tool which will really help you manage your CPD.

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