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Cover image for lecture: Frontline Realities for ANUMs

Lecture Overview

Do you know the difference between leadership and management skills? Why does this matter? In this lecture, Dr Andrew Crowther will discuss why effective leadership and management are crucial to best-practice clinical outcomes when working in the ANUM role.


Portrait of Andrew Crowther
Andrew Crowther

Dr Andrew Crowther is adjunct associate professor in nursing and the former associate head of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health at Charles Sturt University. His postgraduate studio includes education, state policy and social change, and mental hospital administration. Andrew qualified in general and psychiatric nursing in the UK. His postgraduate studies include policy and social change and historical aspects of mental hospital management. Andrew has wide experience in clinical nursing, nurse management, and education. He is the author of a book for nurse managers, as well as several texts and book chapters on a variety of topics. See Educator Profile


7 Total Rating(s)
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mary susan delos reyes
27 Feb 2020

Very informative try visualizing each and every leadership I've encountered and making them fall in each category mentioned in the lecture . Finding out who's doing right and not as a leader and and a manager. But still I can say depending on staffing and situation.

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Denis Cronin
26 Feb 2020

This video was useful and gives an overview of the role of an ANUM.

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Michelle Southwell
26 Feb 2020


Generic portrait
Marie-Therese Shields
25 Feb 2020

Very useful and applyable for Staff in all areas.

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rebecca morrissey
16 Feb 2020

great information

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Sally Simeon
15 Feb 2020

I have enjoyed listening to this lecture. It has certainly reinforced the different styles of leadership and management. I can now recognise those that a true leaders and those that manage - whether they be good or bad. There are also those that are a mic of both. I have also become more aware why managers have to lead, have to plan their time, so as to organise their schedule so as to control the situations around them. The hope is that they know what they are about, are focused & have the vision to plan ahead. I like to hope that our leaders are honest, have integrity, can inspire others & look ahead to plan for possible change, then to implement that change. Be able to effectively communicate this to others is important.