11h CPDConference

Correctional Healthcare Conference

Two Days for Nurses and Health Professionals Working in Correctional, Justice, and Forensic Settings

Correctional Healthcare Conference - Melbourne 2020


11 - 12 Jun 2020
Oaks on Market,
60 Market St

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Why Attend

Nurses play a crucial role in ensuring that, while in the criminal justice system, people receive health care that is equivalent to what they would receive in the community. Attend this new conference to learn about key issues most relevant to nurses working in correctional, justice, and forensic settings. Topics include:

  • Why people commit crimes
  • Health promotion in the criminal justice system
  • Special populations in the healthcare setting
  • Cases of atypical knock-ups
  • Explore professional boundary, ethical, legal issues, and much, much more…
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Day One

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Day Two

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The Goal

Need for Program

Nurses have a professional duty to ensure the health care provided to people in correctional, justice, and forensic settings is equivalent to what they would receive in the community. The opportunity for nurses to improve health outcomes through proactive prevention strategies, assessment, management, and education all rely on sound knowledge of the latest evidence for a range of chronic illnesses. Education that is specifically tailored to nurses who work in this specialised area is crucial if the physical and financial burdens of chronic disease and mental health conditions are to be reduced.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this conference is to improve the health outcomes of patients in correctional, justice, and forensic settings by enhancing nurses’ knowledge about the latest evidence-based strategies to prevent, assess, and manage chronic illnesses.

Your learning outcomes:

Provide care to patients in correctional, justice, and forensic settings that is aligned with current standards of professional practice to reduce the burden of disease
Minimise complications and prevent chronic disease progression through improved assessment and management
Improve health outcomes by implementing evidence-based practice to manage a range of chronic physical and mental health conditions
Enhance professional accountability and maintain the scope of practice by understanding legal and ethical considerations of working with patients in correctional, justice, and forensic settings


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11 - 12 Jun 2020


Oaks on Market
60 Market St
Melbourne VIC,3000


$759.00 (two days)
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