8 - 10 Dec 2021

What Great Nurse Educators Do! Conference

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Why Attend

The continuing professional development of staff in health care is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of our community. Attend this popular annual conference and find out about:

  • How to upgrade your assessment of competency
  • How to resist pushback against new ideas
  • The legal responsibilities of nurse educators
  • Getting interprofessional education and training working in your setting
  • Trends in staff education – results of a recent survey
  • Planning your future role as a nurse educator


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Coming Soon!


Speakers for this event are still being confirmed

Need for Program

Nurse educators are essential to ensure patient care remains safe and current in all healthcare settings. To achieve desired patient outcomes, optimum education and training must be based on sound educational principles and practices combined with confident leadership. Providing effective continuing professional development is critical for the upskilling and knowledge necessary in today’s dynamic workplace. The continual challenge for nurse educators is to maintain their own knowledge, skills, and practice so that they are adequately prepared and qualified to support the ever-changing workforce.

Purpose of Program

This conference provides nurse educators with new knowledge and skills to support the ongoing professional development and training needs of the organisation, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team.

Your learning outcomes

  • Use a range of creative learning strategies to better engage learners in their professional development
  • Facilitate the removal of known barriers to the translation of knowledge, skills, and practice so as to improve patient outcomes
  • Set goals and strategies that will elevate the role of education and training within your organisation over the next year
  • Respond to emerging trends to support the changing learning needs of nurses
8 - 10 Dec 2021

What Great Nurse Educators Do! Conference

QRC: 4255
Oaks on Market
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Price: $759.00