Cardiac Care: A General Update for Nurses Seminar

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Why Attend

How often do you look at your handover sheet and see the following included in the history of your patient? AF; IHD; HTN; hypercholesterolemia; or mild renal impairment? Sound familiar? The prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Australia means it is a common comorbidity in many patients, not just those who are hospitalised because of an acute cardiac condition. If you work in general nursing and regularly care for patients with cardiac conditions, attend this seminar to improve your confidence in and knowledge of:

  • How basic dysrhythmias can be easily identified
  • The latest guidelines for the immediate nursing management of chest pain
  • The electrolyte imbalances that are most dangerous in patients with cardiac disease
  • When “low blood pressure” may actually be cardiogenic or hypovolemic shock
  • Why fluid restrictions and daily weights are essential for patients with heart failure
  • How to prevent mild renal impairment from progressing to acute renal failure
Attend this seminar if you work in a non-cardiac specific ward or unit, but you regularly care for patients with an underlying cardiac disease. If you work in a cardiac speciality area, this seminar may be a useful refresher of existing knowledge.

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