3 Aug 2021

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Why Attend

Do you want to work in a recovery or PACU? Are you already practising in a perianaesthesia setting? Patients undergoing or recovering from anaesthesia are reliant on your up-to-date knowledge and skills. Attend this seminar to:

  • Upskill your patient assessment and manage a difficult airway
  • Update your knowledge on anaesthetic agents, including gases and the anaesthetic machine
  • Understand thermoregulation issues across a range of patients
  • Deal with postoperative nausea and vomiting effectively
  • Refresh your infection prevention practice, aseptic technique, and patient positioning
  • Confidently manage surgical complications such as anaphylaxis, and massive blood loss
  • Get ready for what is on the horizon in perianaesthesia nursing

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3 Aug 2021

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Perianaesthesia Nursing: Introductory Skills Update Seminar

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