Latest Video Learning Activities

Electro-convulsive therapy
01 Hour | 00 Min of CPD

Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) is a medical procedure that is used to treat severe mental health disorders such as clinical depression, mania and psychosis. This Video Learning Activity (VLA) exp ... learn more.

Identifying Falls Risk
00 Hour | 50 Mins of CPD

This Video Learning Activity (VLA) will look at what a fall is, why identifying falls risk is important, and what we as healthcare professionals need to aware of, to appropriately identify fall ris ... learn more.

Feeding Babies
01 Hour | 15 Mins of CPD

This Video Learning Activity (VLA) will address four aspects of feeding success in babies under 6 months old, and look at how successful infant feeding is not just dependent on how much the baby dr ... learn more.

Mental State Assessment for All Nurses
01 Hour | 15 Mins of CPD

The Mental State Assessment (MSA) provides a structured way for nurses to identify if a person’s mental state is deteriorating. This Video Learning Activity (VLA) focuses on the main parts of ... learn more.