Latest Video Learning Activities

Nurse Practitioner-Focused Deprescribing
01 Hour | 00 Min of CPD

The challenge of deprescribing is to apply quality use of medicines principles using a person-centered approach where polypharmacy, co-morbidities and fragility converge with a lack of evidence or ... learn more.

Report Writing in Patient Health Records
01 Hour | 15 Mins of CPD

This Video Learning Activity (VLA) will provide nurses and midwives with an overview of what is considered to be effective communication through documentation in the patient’s record, and wha ... learn more.

Treatment of Diabetes With Glucose-Lowering Medications
01 Hour | 15 Mins of CPD

This Video Learning Activity (VLA) reviews the different types of glucose-lowering medicines that are currently used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Topics include:

... learn more.
Advance Care Directives
01 Hour | 00 Min of CPD

All competent adults have a right to decide what medical treatment they would refuse if they lose capacity to make decisions in the future. This Video Learning Activity (VLA) looks at the increasin ... learn more.