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Appendices 1-5: The Midwife and the Bereaved Family

  • Provides suggestions on how midwives can cope with grief and look after their well-being
  • Insight into male behaviour when dealing with grief and how a midwife can help a man to help his partner and himself
  • A guide to explaining the death to children and how midwives can help bereaved parents to help their children
  • Steps midwifes can take to help grandparents to help their children while also dealing with their own grief
  • Lists and outlines some religious beliefs and likely practices associated with them so midwives are aware of what to expect and how to best support the parents
These appendices outline numerous topics in which the midwife can offer further support not only to family members but also to themselves. It clarifies information about different cultures and religions and offers guidelines and steps to take to offer the best possible care.

Contents include

  • Appendix 1 Looking After Yourself
    • Burnout
    • References
    • Interesting Research Articles
    • Recommended Reading
  • Appendix 2 Men
    • Male Behaviour
    • References
    • Interesting Research Articles
    • Recommended Reading
  • Appendix 3 Children And Grief
    • Introduction
    • A Child's Grief
    • Explaining The Death
    • Saying Goodbye
    • Genetic Termination
    • Interesting Research Articles
    • Recommended Reading For Children
    • Recommended Reading For Adults
  • Appendix 4 Grandparents
    • Recommended Reading
  • Appendix 5 Cultural/Religious Considerations
    • At Or Around Death
    • Australian Aborigines
    • Vietnamese
    • Baha'i
    • Buddhist
    • Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints (Mormon)
    • Eastern Orthodox
    • Greek Orthodox
    • Hindu
    • Judaism
    • Islam
    • Protestant
    • Roman Catholic
    • Russian Orthodox
    • Seventh Day Adventist
    • References
    • Recommended Reading
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Midwife - academic - still birth
Jane Warland is a midwife and bereaved parent. Jane's first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, her fifth in the stillbirth of her baby, Emma. Since Emma's death Jane and her husband Michael have had two books published: Our Baby Died, an illustrated children's book published in 1994, and Pregnancy After Loss, a survival guide for couples experiencing a subsequent pregnancy after the death of a baby, published in 1996. Jane has a particular interest in educating her colleagues about the needs of bereaved parents. Since Emma's death she has been involved in educating both student midwives and pract...

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