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Assessing and Knowing the Person with Cancer

  • The importance of nurse-patient relationships are discussed
  • A graph is added to aid explanation
  • An explanation of how vital 'knowing the patient as a person' is
  • Explanation of how to conduct initial assessment

This chapter has two central concepts. One is of knowing each individual patient - what they value, how they cope, their physical reactions, and who is important to them. The other concept looks at the 'normal'; how novice nurses deal with common responses to a situation, and how, with more experience and expertise, nurses are able to comprehend and care for a wider range of patient responses. These two concepts are also applied to nursing assessment of cancer patients.

Contents include

  • The nurse-patient relationship
  • Application to practice
  • Knowing the patient as a person
  • In-depth knowledge of the patient's pattern of responses
    • Initial Assessment
  • References
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