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Changing a Gastrostomy Tube

  • Includes a flowchart identifying the major categories of gastrostomy tubes
  • Clearly identifies the principles of tube change and includes a record of gastrostomy tube change
  • Includes a relevant case study
  • Incorporates summaries of both long and short tubes and how they are inserted, removed and replaced

The range of gastrostomy tubes on the market continues to increase. Tubes vary in size, shape, length, outlet, skin disc, internal bumper, life expectancy and cost. This chapter outlines the various types of tubes and how and when they should be changed.

Contents include

  • Types of tubes
  • General principles of tube change
    • Skills required
    • Preparation
    • Comprehensive records
    • Timeliness of tube replacement
    • Gastrostomy tract maturity
  • Replacement of long tubes
    • Non-endoscopic removal tubes
    • Endoscopic-removal tubes
  • Summary of long tubes
  • Replacement of short tubes
    • Obturated low-profile devices
    • Non-obturated low-profile devices
  • Summary of short tubes
  • Conclusion
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Author / Editor Biographies

Catherine Barrett is a registered nurse with particular expertise in the care of people with gastrostomy tubes. She holds a bachelor's degree in nursing science and certificates in gerontic nursing, advanced management, sexual and reproductive health, and assessment and workplace training. Catherine has been working in aged care since 1982 as a nurse unit manager, an external assessor for the Standards and Accreditation Agency, a veterans' project officer, and a consultant nurse for the National Ageing Research Institute (Australia). Catherine's doctoral studies at the University of Melbourne ...

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