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Documenting Behaviour and Emotion

  • Outlines emotion in relation to behaviour and discusses methods of understanding a patient's emotion
  • Discusses Behaviour, how to describe it, and how to correctly document it
  • Includes a case study which illustrates many of the topics discussed in the chapter

All nurses experience and observe the behaviour and emotion of those in their care throughout their work day. Whether these behaviours are expected or unexpected, nurses have a responsibility to observe them carefully and to record accurately what they have observed. It is essential that nurses recognise the nuances of human emotion and the behaviour that comes from the expression of that emotion. This chapter guides nurses on how to accurately assess and document emotion and behaviour.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Emotion
    • Empathy
    • Recognising clues
    • Asking questions
  • Behaviour
    • Describing behaviour
    • Documenting behaviour
  • A case study
  • Conclusion
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Author / Editor Biographies

Felicity Humble is a registered nurse and registered psychiatric nurse who holds bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing and a diploma in applied science (advanced psychiatric nursing). Despite being 'in a nervous and unprepared state' when she was sent to the psychiatric ward for her last rotation as a student general nurse in 1975, Felicity fell in love with this area of nursing and has remained passionately interested in psychiatric nursing ever since. Throughout this time she has been enriched by an array of experiences with the elderly and has worked with aged patients in acute admissi...

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