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Documenting Complementary Therapies

  • Outlines the policies, procedures and protocols of documenting complementary therapies
  • Outlines social profiles and assessments of complementary therapies
  • Discusses the need to inform residents of the various complementary services that are available
  • Discusses consent as a component of professional documentation
  • Outlines the documentation needed for care plans
  • Describes evaluation techniques in regards to care plans
  • Outlines what must be included in the documentation of education in complementary therapies

This chapter guides nurses in the documentation of an aged-care facility that utilises complementary therapies requires. This includes the planning stage where policies, procedures and protocols must be considered as well as social profiling, the use of programs and consent, care plans and an evaluation stage.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Policies, procedures, and protocols
    • General principles
    • Practical issues
  • Social profiles and assessments
  • Programs
  • Consents and authorities
  • Care plans
  • Educational records
  • Conclusion
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Sue is a Nurse Consultant and Educator. She has substantial experience working as a clinical, manager and teacher in both the private and public health care sectors. As well, she has worked as Director of Nursing of a residential aged care facility, clinical nursing in corrections health and regular night nursing shifts. She is well known as an informed, humourous and interesting teacher on a range of professional topics relevant to all levels of nursing.

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