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Margaret Sneddon
Registered nurse and midwife, Clinical Nurse Teacher, Master of Science Research Degree

Margaret Sneddon is a registered nurse and midwife, and a recorded Clinical Nurse Teacher. She holds a master of science research degree - which focused on the outcome of palliative care education on practice. She also holds a postgraduate certificate in teaching and learning in higher education. Margaret worked as a nurse in gynaecology in Scotland for six years before becoming the first gynaecology cancer specialist nurse in the UK. After training as a Clinical Nurse Teacher, Margaret took up a joint clinical, education and research post in palliative care. The clinical aspect of the post involved setting up a palliative care support team in an acute hospital. The research was the basis of her master's degree. As a consequence of the research, she was employed to establish and then direct Scotland's first multi-professional program in palliative care in the University of Glasgow. Margaret is now responsible for the cancer branch of the master of science in health care at the University of Glasgow. Having run lymphoedema courses since 1996, she also directs the program for the graduate diploma in chronic Lymphoedema Management. She is a teacher of the Casley-Smith method of manual lymphatic drainage. Margaret is actively involved with the British Lymphology Society, of which she is currently vice chairperson.
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