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Lesley Hills Siegloff
MNAdmin, BEd (SACAE), Dip (Teaching), RN, FRCNA, FCN (NSW) and FINA.

Lesley Hills Siegloff is a lecturer in the School of Nursing at the University of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, where she is also a PhD candidate. Lesley grew up at Mt Beauty and Benalla in country Victoria and has worked in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Indonesia. She has a lengthy practical track record in nursing, plus experience in senior educational management and international consultancy. Her chief interest is in rural nursing, and particularly in establishing appropriate support and professional development networks to improve the quality of rural and remote area health service delivery. She also has a deep interest in nursing history and nursing leadership. She is President of the Association of Australian Rural Nurses and an active member of five other national and state health forums.
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