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Doreen Akkerman
BSc, Helen M. Schutt Trust Fellow

Doreen has more than 25 years experience in community and professional education, and has worked as a Senior Research Associate in Oregon in the USA, and as Director of the Cancer Information and Support Service (CISS) in Victoria. She has supervised CISS in Victoria since January 1990, designing and developing the model which, in 1994, was voted the Australian model for cancer information and support. Doreen led the Cancer Information Service Short Course at the World Conference for Cancer Organisations in Melbourne in March 1996 and, together with Christy Thomsen from the National Cancer Institute, USA, and Catherine Dickens, from BACUP in the United Kingdom, established the International Cancer Information Service Group under the auspices of the International Union against Cancer (UICC). Doreen is committed to establishing information and support services and to the exchange of skills, information and tools in order to provide units of excellence which may assist in decreasing the impact of cancer on people's lives.
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