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Allison Willis
BHSc(Nurs), DipAppSc(NatResMgt), GradCertMgtDiabServ, CertDiabEd, CertMgtOrgLship

Allison Willis is a senior nursing consultant with some 25 years’ experience. She is the Principal Consultant with The Health Objective, a company she set up in 2010. Prior to this Allison was the Principal Advisor, Professional Practice with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of South Australia (a position she held for ten years). Allison has held a ministerial appointment as a member of the Pharmacy Board of South Australia, as a Board member and President on the Shine SA (family planning) Board and a Council member on the Sexual Health and Family Planning Association of Australia. She has an extensive background in regulation, governance and professional practice. For the last 16 years Allison has also worked as a health consultant, policy advisor and education and training provider for the children’s services sector, including the Department of Education; Commonwealth Children’s Services; Child Youth and Women’s Health, and Catholic and Independent Schools Services.
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