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James Mabbutt
DipSc (Nursing) and BN.

Of himself and this chapter, James said the following: I am Sydney born and bred. I took up nursing when I was 23, which I feel was an advantage. I've enjoyed the opportunity to travel, live and work overseas. I have specialised in drug and alcohol work which first introduced me to men's health via a 'men's group' at a detoxification centre. I've also experienced the challenge of attending men's festivals and a weekly men's group and have personally gained a great deal from the support of the men involved. I am studying part-time for a master's degree in public health and searching continually for the place where men's health can fit into the health system. My interests include sleeping, eating, watching cricket and other more noble pursuits. I am married and living in the southern parts of Sydney. This chapter is dedicated to my father, Geoff, who died suddenly in 1990, and to my grandfather, Frank, who was told to 'go home and be a man'. He did, and was dead a week later. It's time to challenge the way boys and men should be.
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