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This chapter contains the references and index for Aged Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice. As well as the topic index, references for each chapter are provided and they form an invaluable starting point for those wishing to further pursue specific topics related to care of the elderly.

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  • References
  • Index
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Author / Editor Biographies

Sue is a Nurse Consultant and Educator. She has substantial experience working as a clinical, manager and teacher in both the private and public health care sectors. As well, she has worked as Director of Nursing of a residential aged care facility, clinical nursing in corrections health and regular night nursing shifts. She is well known as an informed, humourous and interesting teacher on a range of professional topics relevant to all levels of nursing.
Susan Carmody has been a nurse for more than thirty years. After her hospital-based training and having gained extensive clinical experience, Susan moved into management and quality assurance and commenced her own business, 'Health Force', which assists hospitals and other health organisations achieve the highest nursing standards and accreditation through education and quality improvement. In the past ten years, Susan has concentrated her management and quality-control expertise on community aged care. She gains her greatest satisfaction from seeing her nursing colleagues come up with new ide...

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