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How Nursing Made Me a Better Person

"Why the world needs nurses is a very interesting question, and if I'm completely honest it's not an easy one to answer. I can say without any hesitation, however, why I am glad to be a nurse. It's simple really; I am a better person because I am a nurse. I have more compassion, I am able to empathise more with my fellow man, and I have faith in human nature. I know that people are inherently good ..."

The perspective of nursing as a compassionate, humanitarian occupation is interesting when coming from an English male nurse. This is because of the rareness with which this class of nurses can be found. Nevertheless, Martin Austwick provides an opinion of the nursing profession as being one engendering benevolence and kindness. To support these statements, however, he uses two anecdotes of personal patient experiences he has had. He shows how both the primary interaction and the long-lasting effects of these experiences are threads consistent throughout all nursing of inciting greater empathy and making an individual a 'better person'.

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