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Inserting a Gastrostomy Tube

  • Tabulated summary of issues to be considered before inserting a gastrostomy tube
  • A proforma of a care plan developed before tube insertion
  • Step-by-step diagram outlining the technique for inserting a gastrostomy tube
  • Tabulated summary of issues to be considered after inserting a gastrostomy tube
  • A proforma of a care plan after tube insertion
  • Tabulated summary of the potential complications after insertion of a gastrostomy tube

This chapter first discusses care needs before the insertion of a gastronomy tube. The chapter then presents an overview of the procedure for inserting a gastrostomy tube and concludes with a discussion of care needs after insertion of a tube.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Care before insertion
    • Informed consent
    • Biochemistry and other tests
    • Pain management
    • Prophylactic antibiotics
    • Fasting
    • Psychosocial issues
    • Staff preparation
  • Inserting the first tube
  • Care after the tube is inserted
    • Vital signs and potential complications
    • Tube length
    • Stoma
    • Commencing tube feeding
    • Residual volume
    • Pain management
    • Bowel motions
    • Mouth care
    • Psychosocial considerations
    • Care plan after tube insertion
  • Conclusion
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Author / Editor Biographies

Catherine Barrett is a registered nurse with particular expertise in the care of people with gastrostomy tubes. She holds a bachelor's degree in nursing science and certificates in gerontic nursing, advanced management, sexual and reproductive health, and assessment and workplace training. Catherine has been working in aged care since 1982 as a nurse unit manager, an external assessor for the Standards and Accreditation Agency, a veterans' project officer, and a consultant nurse for the National Ageing Research Institute (Australia). Catherine's doctoral studies at the University of Melbourne ...
Michelle Allen holds a diploma of nursing (St Bartholomew and Princess Alexandra College of Nursing and Midwifery, London, UK) and a certificate of middle management. Michelle worked at the Royal London Hospital for one year on an acute admissions ward before returning to Melbourne (Australia) where she began working at Melbourne Extended Care and Rehabilitation Service as associate nurse unit manager on a complex care unit. She participated in a falls research project as a nurse researcher for the National Ageing Research Institute. Michelle later served as a veterans' project officer and now...

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