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Keep in Touch Even When Living Apart

  • Advice on choosing a home that will help the carer to stay in contact with the person with Alzheimer's disease
  • Guidance on how to keep in touch from a distance and still meet the needs of the person with Alzheimer's
  • Descriptions of how to make the most of visits
  • Accounts from the author's own personal experience with her mother who had Alzheimer's

This chapter considers some of the ways of managing to keep in touch when the carer is living apart from the person who has Alzheimer's disease. Two typical situations are examined. The first, is when the other person is living in some form of residential care, and the other situation is when the carer is absent for an extended period of time, whether this is due to the carer being away on a visit or to them living in a different town, country, etc. Both of these are potential threats to keep in touch with the person for whom the carer wishes to care for. However, this chapter examines the various ways of counteracting these threats.

Contents include

  • Choosing a home that will help you to keep in touch
    • Closeness and accessibility are not the only criteria
    • The physical and social environment
    • Providing for individual needs
    • What happens when you drop in unexpectedly?
  • Keeping in touch from a distance
    • Tangible signs of our affection
    • Making the most of visits
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Author / Editor Biographies

Dr Jane Crisp lectures in communication, media studies and women's studies. Her experiences with her own mother, who is now in an advanced stage of dementia, first suggested to her the possibility of drawing on her professional background to help people who are dementing and those who care for them. For the last five years Jane has been working on the language of people who are dementing and on strategies for making sense of this language. She has given talks on this work and had articles published both in Australia and overseas. During 1994 she spent six months in France, meeting and exchangi...

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