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Malignant Wounds

  • Discusses how malignant wounds can develop through three main mechanisms
  • Allows readers to understand the causes of the main signs and symptoms of malignant wounds such as maladour, exudate, pain, bleeding and more
  • Discusses various aspects of the management of malignant wounds

Malignant wounds- also referred to as 'fungating' wounds, lesions, or tumours- arise when cancer cells infiltrate the structures of the skin. Nurse management of these wounds is both difficult and challenging. This chapter attempts to provide these nurses with some practical solutions to the main symptoms and problems related with malignant wounds.

Contents include

  • Malignant wound development
  • Wound-related signs and symptoms
    • Malodour
    • Exudate
    • Pain
    • Bleeding
    • Itching and skin irritation
    • Dressing-related problems
  • Management of malignant wounds
    • Assessing signs and symptoms
    • Role of cancer therapies
    • Management of malodour
    • Management of exudate
    • Management of bleeding
    • Management of pain
    • Management of itching and skin irritation
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Author / Editor Biographies

Wayne Naylor is a New Zealand registered nurse who began his career in forensic psychiatry before moving into general surgery, and then to reconstructive plastic surgery and burns. After a move to the United Kingdom, Wayne worked at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London where he gained further qualifications in cancer nursing. For a little over three years Wayne was employed as the wound-management research nurse at the Marsden, a role that involved research, clinical patient care, education, and quality-assurance activities related to wound management in cancer patients. Wayne has published se...

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