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Masculinity and Self-Care

This chapter aims to shed light on the relationship between masculine cultures and health behaviour patterns as well as to identify social norms that have impeded improvements in men's health status. The following questions are a good indication of the problem and serve as a comparison to women's health and self-care behaviour:

  • Why do men consume more tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs?
  • Why do men have more diet-related illnesses?
  • Why do men die on the roads more often?
  • Why do men often express themselves and problem solve through violence?
  • Why don't men use health care services as often as women do?

To answer these questions, we must explore the concept of self-care and the ways in which men currently care for themselves.

Contents include

  • What is self-care?
    • Reactive self-care
    • Proactive self-care
  • Are we blaming the victims?
  • The gender division of 'caring' work
  • Promoting men's self-care
  • The way men view their bodies
  • Conclusion
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Prior to his current job as Curator of the Human Mind and Body Program at the Museum of Victoria in Melbourne; Christopher lectured in the sociology of health at Griffith University in Queensland and worked as a writer of educational multimedia and video programs. He was a co-writer on the SomaZone adolescent health CD-ROM produced for the Victorian Department of Human Services, QUIT, Victoria Legal Aid and the National Asthma Campaign. Christopher completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Melbourne in 1992 and is currently completing a PhD in Politics at Monash University in...

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