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Communicating at Night: Difficult Conversations to be Had?
Communicating at Night: Difficult Conver...sations to be Had?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 20/06/2018
Effective communication is a highly valuable skill, particularly for nurse who works night duty. This interactive session will explore this ability further....
Infants in NICU - Mental Health Considerations for Parents and Infant
Infants in NICU - Mental Health Consider...ations for Parents and Infant
Nursing Lecture
Added: 13/06/2018
The role in understanding the experience of parents and infants in paediatric intensive care is a challenging one. More so is to understand the effect of this experience on the mind of the infant....
Hit that Vein: A Guide to Drawing Blood Correctly
Hit that Vein: A Guide to Drawing Blood ...Correctly
Nursing Lecture
Added: 30/05/2018
Venepuncture is the collection of blood from a vein. This practical session will arm you with tricks of the trade to improve your technique of this tough skill to master....
Pain Physiology and Management
Pain Physiology and Management
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/05/2018
This comprehensive session covers the pathophysiology of pain; looking at the anatomy and physiology of the pain reflexes, receptors and pathways. Different types of pain will also be looked at, as we...ll as assessment methods and tools used to identify, locate and treat the patient's pain.
"For Crying Out Loud!": The Fussy Baby, Irritability and Controlled Crying
"For Crying Out Loud!": The Fussy Baby, ...Irritability and Controlled Crying
Nursing Lecture
Added: 16/05/2018
The development of an understanding of infants’ communications has meant that no longer are we happy for babies to cry without response. The introduction of controlled crying as a settling technique... has come under a lot of criticism, and the misuse of it has been seen as detrimental to infants’ emotional well-being. This presentation will look at understanding infants’ communication and responses based on infant mental health principles.
Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, aka The Horrors, DTs or the Shakes
Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, aka The Hor...rors, DTs or the Shakes
Nursing Lecture
Added: 09/05/2018
The effects of heavy alcohol consumption may have an effect on the central nervous system (CNS). This session looks at this potentially lethal condition of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS), also know...n as delirium tremens or the ‘DTs’.
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