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Northern Territory Men: Australia's Social Health and Policy Neglect

The Northern Territory is a unique part of Australia. It is occupied by a people whose demographic composition and social profiles do not always fit conveniently into the centralist policies designed to meet the collective needs of those living in the somewhat different social context of generic urban Australia. The demographic and social context of the Northern Territory represents a crucial dilemma for policy and health professionals government has recognised the unique local needs and challenges. It seeks policies and programs for its people that are innovative, compensatory and need specific. Because the prevailing social context sets the scene for lifestyle patterns, an examination of the changing social context of the Northern Territory provides crucial indicators for the social living and health issues confronting male Territorians.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • The changing social context of territory living
    • Economic growth and change
    • The Territory emerges as a place to stay
    • Changing values of the emerging aged
    • Significant but narrowing differences between the Territory's cultural groups
  • Non-Indigenous Australians: contemporary life cycle features
    • Selected life cycle features
  • Indigenous Australians: Contemporary life cycle features
    • Selected life cycle features
  • Health issues implicit in the Northern Territory's social context
    • Personal responsibility for health
    • Productive community involvement needs for men
    • The hidden group of elderly - the Territory's 'old' young
  • Conclusion
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BA (Media).
Richard Earle is a Bachelor of Arts graduate of the University of South Australia where he majored in media studies and community development (social policy) and completed a specialisation in communications. He has served as a university student president, branch director, activities officer, recreation officer, Media Relations Research Officer for Australia's National Seniors Association and a public relations coordinator in private and government sectors.
BEd, Dip (Teaching), MEd and Mpsych.
Tony Earle holds masters degrees in sociology (social psychology) and education (curriculum management) from the University of Missouri - Columbia, together with a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching. His knowledge, speaking expertise and exceptional analytical skills have been sought locally and overseas by professional associations. His experiences include employment as a teacher, deputy principal and principal in schools and as a university lecturer.
BA, MA, DipTchg (Primary), Dip (Speech and Drama), Med and PhD.
As a gerontologist, Dr Leon Earle is highly respected both locally and internationally. He has provided policy advice to governments around the world and received awards for his programs, scholarship and professional addresses. Dr Earle has been responsible for the preservice, inservice and professional development training of thousands of people in the aged and human service fields in his role as a consultant, visiting international scholar and a member of the professional staff at both the University of South Australia and the Northern Territory University. Dr Earle was commissioned by the M...

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