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Palliative Care - An Integrated Part of Cancer Care

  • Introduces background information and defines 'palliative care'
  • Discusses the change of attitude necessary to remove the negative connotations associated with palliative care
  • Examines the barriers to providing good palliative care in nursing
  • Provides guidance through an array of questions nurses can ask themselves through breaking barriers to providing good palliative care
  • Assesses 'good nursing' and 'bad nursing' in terms of caring for a patient in a hospice
  • Guides nurses in how to make the most of their limited time to spend with their patients
  • Case studies are provided - including a detailed study to the approach to integrated care

In this chapter a model of care has been demonstrated that recognises palliative care as a positive step in the management of patients with advanced cancer. By combining the knowledge and skills of all specialities, challenging nurses' attitudes and beliefs about the care they deliver and recognising the need to change many of the traditions, rituals, mores and policies and procedures that have developed within nursing cultures over the decades, nurses can help patients to look forward to a greater quality of life.

Contents include

  • When death is inevitable
    • Changing the focus
    • Changing routine management
  • Ritual as practice
  • Challenging routine nursing practice
  • Assessment
    • What is good nursing and what is bad nursing?
  • Nursing and the time factor
  • Public perceptions
    • A case study approach to integrated care
  • References
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, Cert (Oncology) and BN.
Karen Glaetzer has 25 years experience in Palliative Care. In 1988, Karen was involved in the setting up and development of the Daw House Hospice and has pioneered palliative care consultancy services to public and private hospitals in Adelaide. She was the first nurse in Australia to be endorsed as a Nurse Practitioner in the specialty of Palliative Care in August 2003. She has an academic appointment with the School of Medicine, Flinders University. Karen has post graduate qualifications in Oncology, Bioethics, Palliative Care and Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). Her special interest ...
RN, Cert (Oncology), BBus (Human Resource Management) and MRCNA.
Alison McLeod is Clinical Nurse Consultant, Daw House Hospice, Adelaide, South Australia. She completed her Registered Comprehensive Nursing Education at Auckland Technical Institute, New Zealand, in 1980. She undertook the Post Basic Oncological Nursing Certificate at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne, in 1985. After moving to Adelaide, Alison was Clinical Nurse Consultant at the Philip Kennedy Centre Hospice before accepting a position at Daw House Hospice. As the Inpatient Clinical Nurse Consultant Alison has been involved in the development and coordination of the Intensive Cours...

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