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Reconstructive Techniques

Refers to various types of reconstructive options, including:

  • Discussion on skin grafts
  • Review on flaps including pre-operative and post-operative care of flaps
  • Topical negative pressure therapy

Reconstructive techniques are required in wound management if there is significant tissue loss as a result of injury or surgery. A stepwise approach is appropriate- beginning with the simplest option and working up to more complex procedures. Depending on the person, the injury, and available resources, these stepwise options including suturing, skin grafting, and a variety of skin flaps. This chapter is solely devoted to reconstructive techniques and their role in wound management.

Contents include

  • Reconstructive ladder
  • Suturing and wound closure
    • Materials and methods
    • Dressings
    • Removal of sutures or staples
  • Skin grafts
    • Types of skin grafts
    • Split-thickness skin grafts
    • Full-thickness skin grafts
    • Applying a graft
    • Care of a graft
    • 'Taking' of skin grafts
    • Care of a donor site
    • Care after healing
  • Flaps
    • Definition and types
    • Indications
    • Pre-operative care
    • Post-operative care
  • Topical negative pressure therapy
    • Definition and uses
    • Mechanism of action
    • Indications
    • Contraindications and precautions
    • Application of TNPT
    • Developments in TNPT
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