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The Elderly Person who is Confused

It is important to note that in this chapter the solution-focused behavioral change model, as presented in other chapters in this text, is not the framework used. The solution-focused behavioral change model is an interactive model based on a partnership between clients and carers. Those who are diagnosed with delirium or dementia, because of the nature of these disorders, cannot always make decisions or co-operate. Instead of the solution-focused behavioral change model, we will look at a range of practical and useful strategies that can be linked to the assessment requirements of the Resident Classification Scale (RCS), which refers to the behavior of elderly frail clients, as required by the Aged Care division of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care. Special emphasis is placed on the symptom characteristics and management approaches to clients suffering from various stages of dementia.

Contents include

  • organic brain disorders
  • causes of an acute confusional state
  • causes of dementia
  • clinical features
  • case study.
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Bernadette Keane is a highly experienced nurse educator who lectured for nine years in the psychiatric nursing programs conducted at Royal Park Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to psychiatry, her clinical background and qualifications include medical, surgical, midwifery and infant welfare areas of care. In 1982, as a Kellogg Nursing Fellow, she studied at the University of California, San Francisco. Since then she has published journal articles and textbook chapters on health care and professional issues. In 1986 Bernadette launched her private practice, called Continuing Educati...
Carolyn Dixon was, from 1995 to early 1999, the psychiatric clinical nurse consultant in the Emergency Department of St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Her work there began as a project to study the effectiveness of this innovative role. Carolyn is a trained psychiatric and general nurse who has worked in hospital, education and community settings both in Australia and overseas. It was while she was working as a nurse teacher at Royal Park Hospital in Melbourne that she first worked with Bernadette Keane. Carolyn has presented a number of conference papers on aspects of psychiatric...

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