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The Nurse Manager

  • Discusses two broad competencies; emotional and strategic intelligence, integral for showing leadership
  • Explains various qualities required for earning respect from staff members including self control and communication

The role of the nurse manager is complex and diverse and the nature of contemporary health care is such that a nurse manager is often hurried into the role with little time for training or preparation. In this chapter, learn about the necessary qualities integral to becoming a first rate nurse manager.

Contents include

  • Showing leadership
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Strategic intelligence
  • Earning respect
    • Exercising self-control
    • Dealing effectively with requests and issues
    • Valuing professional and individual differences
    • Communicating effectively
    • Addressing staff performance fairly
    • Managing 'up, down, and sideways'
    • Modelling respect
    • Maintaining clinical competence
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Molly Carlile is the Deathtalker. She lives her motto The more we talk, the less we fear by encouraging people to have informed conversations about death and grief in order to demystify and de-stigmatise these experiences. To this end Molly has embraced the arts as a vehicle for creating a safe space for these conversations to occur and as a result has become a regular media commentator, author and playwrite in addition to maintaining her senior management role in the healthcare sector. A published author, her first book, Jelly Beans Secret, published in 2005 has been used widely as a t...

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