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Aligning Prevention of Infectious Disease with a Person's Culture
Aligning Prevention of Infectious Diseas...e with a Person's Culture
Nursing Lecture
Added: 26/10/2016
In order to reduce the prevalence of infectious disease, it is essential to understand the cultural practices of any given community. This session looks at the relationship between cultural practices ...and disease prevention.
Infection Prevention and Control in the Tropics - Practical Nursing Care
Infection Prevention and Control in the ...Tropics - Practical Nursing Care
Nursing Lecture
Added: 24/10/2016
The luxury of resources such as clean running water, gloves and gowns is not always afforded in tropical environments. However, the necessity to uphold the highest standards of infection prevention an...d control is essential.
Blood-borne Pathogens: Understanding the Risks
Blood-borne Pathogens: Understanding the... Risks
Nursing Lecture
Added: 15/06/2016
Despite a greater knowledge of hazards and risk management, health care workers continue to be exposed to blood and bodily fluids through needlestick injuries and other exposure incidents....
Is it a Bacterium or a Virus and Why Does it Matter?
Is it a Bacterium or a Virus and Why Doe...s it Matter?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 13/04/2016
Bacteria and viruses cause many different infectious diseases but they need to be diagnosed, managed and treated quite differently. This presentation will review these differences, how they impact on ...the diagnosis and management of infections with these microbes. The different mechanisms available for prevention, management and control will also be presented.
The Path Lab - Your New Best Friends
The Path Lab - Your New Best Friends
Nursing Lecture
Added: 11/04/2016
In this session several case scenarios relating to different infectious diseases will be examined. You will find out the essential relationship between specific laboratory results and diagnosis and tr...eatment.
History of Infectious Pandemics in the 21st Century
History of Infectious Pandemics in the 2...1st Century
Nursing Lecture
Added: 08/04/2016
There are have been a range of potentially devastating infectious disease pandemics across the globe throughout history. Knowing about the past can guide us in the future. Knowledgeable health care pr...ofessionals (and the community) can be better armed to recognise the risks and implement controls. This presentation will consider infectious diseases from a microbiological perspective.
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