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Laugh and the World Laughs with You... Laughter Yoga
Laugh and the World Laughs with You... L...aughter Yoga
Nursing Lecture
Added: 29/11/2016
Great nurse managers have a sense of humour. Miserable nurses create miserable workplaces which is particularly worrying in environments where the work can be, at times, overwhelming and emotionally d...raining. Humour has particularly healing and beneficial qualities. This final session looks at how nurse managers can infuse humour without callousness into the work they do and, in so doing, create better places to work and deliver better care.
Variety is the Spice of Life - Capitalising on Uniqueness
Variety is the Spice of Life - on Uniqueness
Nursing Lecture
Added: 28/11/2016
There are large variations in management styles. However, a common theme of great management is the ability to identify uniqueness and work individually with staff to acknowledge and develop their qua...lities. Great nurse managers do not view staff as a homogenous group but operate at a range of levels.
Are Great Nurse Managers Born or Made? That is the Question
Are Great Nurse Managers Born or Made? T...hat is the Question
Nursing Lecture
Added: 24/11/2016
Some schools of thought believe great managers are made. This session looks at the qualities of a great nurse manager and debates how much of these skills are learned or innate....
Many Hands Make Light Work - Motivating and Empowering Others
Many Hands Make Light Work - Motivating ...and Empowering Others
Nursing Lecture
Added: 24/11/2016
Have you ever wondered why some units have highly engaged staff and others don't? This session looks at the need to acknowledge the uniqueness of each staff member and then engage in genuine connected...ness. In so doing, it will reveal how engagement and motivation can be provoked.
The Role of Clinical Supervision: What Great Managers Need to Know
The Role of Clinical Supervision: What G...reat Managers Need to Know
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/11/2016
Clinical supervision is the process of two or more professionals formally meeting to reflect and review professional practice with the aim of supporting the individual at work....
Managing Relatives’ Concerns
Added: 03/05/2012
As consumers of health services have become more knowledgeable about their care and treatment, their expectations have risen. There has been a similar growth in the knowledge and expectations of the r...elatives of those receiving care—relatives want and expect high standards of care and treatment. This chapter explores some of the background to relatives’ concerns and suggest strategies that can be used by nurse managers when dealing with a concerned relative.
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