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Added: 01/06/2009
Draws upon the two types of radiotherapy for gynaecological cancers; External radiotherapy and Brachytherapy Describes the acute and late effects of radiotherapy Discusses the symptom experience... of women receiving radiotherapy for gynaecological cancer including nausea and anorexia, as well as skin reactions and bowel symptoms Provides dietary advice for the avoidance of bowel symptoms associated with radiotherapy Radiotherapy plays a major role in the treatment of gynaecological cancers. It can be administered to cure, to limit the growth of a cancer or to palliate troublesome symptoms. This chapter discusses radiotherapy for gynaecological cancers and focuses on the doses of radiotherapy, its types and the acute and late effects of it. It also addresses the female experiences of radiotherapy and the symptoms encountered.
Screening Cancer
Added: 01/06/2009
Includes World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for screening Explains terminology used in screening Identifies who requires screening Discusses screening for cervical and ovarian cancers Pr...ovides a tabulated summary of cervical-screening programs Screening for gynaecological cancer is not a diagnostic test. Rather, screening involves offering investigations to asymptomatic women who are at risk of developing disease. Screening determines whether or not a woman has an abnormality and, if one is found, assigns a level of risk that determines future management. This chapter discusses screening for gynaecological cancers under the following headings: Aims and criteria; Limitations and disadvantages; Who needs screening?; Cervical cancer and Ovarian cancer.
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