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Coughs, Colds, Sneezes and Wheezes
Added: 26/05/2009
Coughs, sneezes and wheezes are all signs of various respiratory infections – that is, infections of the nose, throat, airways and lungs. These infections can be caused by bacteria or viruses. ... Although many people tend to think of viral infections as being less ‘serious’ than bacterial infections, this is not necessarily so. Many viral illnesses can be very serious. In addition, we have antibiotics to kill most bacteria. In contrast, anti-viral medications are only in the early stages of development and are not readily available to the general public (except in a few particular cases, such as for herpes infections). This chapter discusses conditions that cause ‘coughs, colds, sneezes and wheezes,’ the signs and symptoms and treatment of various respiratory infections.
Added: 26/05/2009
In Australia asthma affects approximately 2 in 5 children, and the incidence of asthma appears to be rising. The management of asthma in the very young can be particularly challenging, and the treatme...nt of a severe attack can be extremely stressful for all concerned. The key to avoiding such unfortunate events is careful management. This chapter includes the triggers and signs of asthma as well as diagnosis and how to formulate an asthma management plan for your patient.
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