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Why the World Needs Nurses: An Anthology of Perspectives

The world of the twenty-first century is smaller than it has ever been before in history. Our neighbors are not just across the street, or town, but across oceans. Events of recent years have shown how actions taken in one country will likely be felt around the world. Intertwined with political and social policy, the global economic downturn has overshadowed other crises that may prove to be even more devastating. One of those dark shadows on the horizon is the worldwide nursing crisis. Even now, there are not enough qualified nurses to fill their diverse, and much needed, role in healthcare delivery. The fall-out will be more serious than most people realise. Just like, or perhaps even more than, the financial crisis, the consequences will be felt by all people, regardless of their social or economic status.

This book is not intended to be a definitive text, citing an extensive range of perspectives on nurses’ roles and why the world needs nurses. Rather, it aims to further expose what qualified nurses actually do, and why they are such an important group of health professionals who must not be a sideshow when health reform is being debated. Nurses are the beating heart of any sophisticated healthcare system. But strangely, and almost universally, they have a disproportionately diminished voice in the allocation of healthcare funds.

We hope in some way that this book will enlighten and educate those who hold on to an image of the nurse that hearkens from centuries past. While understanding past roots is essential, perpetuating this image of a nurse literally puts the profession, and those it serves, in harm’s way. Even more than those who are not nurses, we want to gain the attention of students who are hesitating in choosing nursing as a career, and reassure those nurses who are having doubts about their chosen profession. As you read the chapters ahead, you will find a startling level of support and respect that is representative of a quiet majority of people who honor nurses. Perhaps our next challenge is to harness this support in ways that will resolve the issues, and restore health to nursing.

Contents include

  • Nurses as Advocates for the Weak, Vulnerable and the Elderly
  • A Doctor's Perspective on Nurses
  • How Nursing Made Me a Better Person
  • Nursing Career Opportunities: A Diverse and Multi-skilled Profession
  • Nurse Practitioners: Emerging Roles, Technology and Tension – An American Perspective

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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, BA (Hons) and GradDip Geront, MN
Cynthea Wellings was educated as a registered nurse at the Royal London Hospital, England, Cynthea Wellings migrated to Australia in 1981. Her extensive nursing experience, both in England and Australia, involved working in community and general hospital settings, as well as a short period in mental health nursing. Her passion, however, was always trauma nursing. After completing postgraduate qualifications in gerontology nursing, Cynthea focused her attention on continence promotion becoming a founding member of the Continence Foundation of Australia, and co-authoring a bestselling book about...
MN (Research), MA (Education & Work), DipTeach(Nsg), CertGenMatNg, CertOncNsg(ENB), CertClinNsgStudies, CertT&A, CertTESOL, RN, FACN
Marilyn was educated as a nurse in New Zealand and subsequently worked for nearly 40 years in this profession in Australia, New Zealand and Britain. Her prestigious career includes general bedside nursing and working with cancer patients, at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, England. As well, Marilyn worked as a nurse educator at the Royal North Shore Hospital, The College of Nursing New South Wales, and the University of Sydney. Her work with the former Board of Nursing Studies in Brisbane, Australia involved accrediting nursing courses and the development of the legislation that establis...

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