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Working With Job Descriptions

Job descriptions play a vital role in the success of organisational performance. The term job description has been largely replaced by position description (Dessler et al. 2004). Both provide a clear written template of roles and expected performance for both an organisation and for individual employees. At the recruitment phase, a job or position description gives the prospective employee an opportunity for self-assessment suitability. In a sense this represents the commencement of the culling phase of selection. Throughout the period of employment the job description serves as an ongoing framework for performance evaluation, as well as for position review and for position redesign. When an employee leaves the organisation, the job description can be further reviewed and refined to assist the organisation in achieving its goals.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Recruitment
  • Ongoing employment
  • Main components
  • Person specification
  • Relationship between organisation and individual
  • Duty guides
  • Routine reviews
    • Performance review and staff appraisal
    • Significance of reviews
  • Conclusion
  • References
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